All purchases generate a dignified salary for the women of Sanik, as well as contribute to community efforts including scholarship fund, savings group, and emergency relief fund.
  • Sanik Scarf Sanik Scarf
  • Jaspe Scarf Jaspe Scarf
  • Amistad Scarf Amistad Scarf
  • Jaspe Poncho Jaspe Poncho
  • Maria Table Runner Maria Table Runner
  • Cosmetic Bag Cosmetic Bag
  • Monedero Beaded Coinpurse Monedero Beaded Coinpurse
  • Atitlan Beaded Bracelet Atitlan Beaded Bracelet
  • Marcela Bracelet Marcela Bracelet
  • Atitlan Bracelet Atitlan Bracelet
  • Piedra Pulsera Bracelet Piedra Pulsera Bracelet
  • Atitlan Earrings Atitlan Earrings
  • Juanita Earrings Juanita Earrings
  • Bulb Ornaments Bulb Ornaments
  • Venado Ornament Venado Ornament
  • Josue Hackeysack Josue Hackeysack

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