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Sanik, formerly named Las Mujeres del Triunfo, is an artisan cooperative located in the western highlands of Guatemala in the department of Solola. In the words of the artisans,"Weaving is our life. It is what allows us, the women, to put bread on the table for our children."

The name Sanik (saan-eek) comes from the Maya Kaqchikel word for worker ants. Kaqchikel, the local native language, is the way the women naturally express themselves and conduct group business.  The artisans chose the word Sanik because "on their own ants cannot accomplish much, but as a group they can accomplish great things."  The women of Sanik elected this name because individually they felt powerless. Together, they are able to join their resources and put markets in Guatemala and the United States within their grasp. They have since accomplished incredible feats, such as creating global fair trade partnerships and implementing a scholarship program for their children. Sanik, as a dedicated group, will continue to overcome adversity and build a better future.

Our History

Women in El Triunfo united to support their families, preserve their culture, and ensure that their children have more opportunities in the future. Over the years the cooperative has grown to twenty-five artisans. Sanik uses the traditional art of back-strap weaving, which has been passed down through generations, to express their cultural identity, create unique and high quality products, and generate an income for their families.

The Sanik weaving cooperative is thriving under the guidance of its founder Juana Xoch.  A mother herself, Juana saw the potential her neighbors had for selling their traditionally made products in the market place. Yet, most of the women of El Triunfo never had the opportunity to receive an education and do not speak Spanish, the language of the marketplace. The cooperative allowed the women to band together to overcome the adversities of language and limited access to sustainable markets. Weaving is often the only opportunity for the women to contribute economically to their family and invest in their children’s education. 

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